The challenges and opportunities of providing great customer service in a post pandemic world

  • Adam Winslow Adam Winslow
    CEO UK & Ireland General Insurance. Aviva
  • Ben Bolton Ben Bolton
    Managing Director. Gracechurch Consulting
  • Lea Cheesbrough Lea Cheesbrough
    Managing Director. Movo Partnership
  • Paul Dickson Paul Dickson
    Chief Executive Officer. Innovation Broking
  • Neil Galjaard Neil Galjaard
    Managing Director, Markel

On-going independent research carried out by Gracechurch Consulting with over 500 insurance brokers has highlighted some of the challenges faced by insurers and brokers in providing consistently good service to both brokers and their customers. The session will begin with a brief explanation of the key findings of the survey by Ben Bolton, CEO of Gracechurch. This will be followed by a panel debate on how the challenges can be overcome and the opportunities that can be gained as a result.

By the end of this session, delegates should be able to:

  • Describe the latest findings from the Gracechurch survey on insurer service
  • Explain the main service challenges brokers are facing
  • Discuss proposed next steps to evolve and improve service