March 20th, 2023

In this session, Coalition’s cyber insurance team shares content you can use to train your brokers to be more effective cyber risk advisors through an ‘active’ approach to selling cyber insurance.

With a clear mission to protect the unprotected, Coalition gives brokers and their clients the tools to understand and deal with digital risk, from supporting better security controls and providing user-friendly cybersecurity software, to comprehensive cyber insurance coverage. Coalition solutions are driven by its in-house data, research, and development team, and supported by in-house incident response and claims expertise.

By attending this session, delegates should be able to:

  • Describe why active cyber insurance outperforms traditional insurance and how this benefits commercial and SME clients
  • Understand how to use data and cyber research to protect policyholders
  • Train brokers to explain cyber risk to clients and how they can protect their organisations
  • Explain how cyber attacks impact businesses in the real world and how active insurance works to mitigate the risk
  • List the ways brokers can support clients in response to cyber attacks