March 1st, 2019 |

In this session, leading cyber insurer and BIBA Cyber Scheme provider CFC will share a behind the scenes look on how they are continuously scanning prospective and current policyholders to identify cyber risk before policyholders know to even file a claim.

With over 20 years’ experience, CFC was one of the first companies to offer cyber insurance and has one of the largest cyber underwriting and in-house incident response teams in the world, bolstered by 24×7 around the world claims service. Their cyber insurance products and incident response services protect over 60,000 businesses in more than 60 countries.

By attending this session attendees can expect to learn:

  • The work CFC’s Cyber Threat Analysis team conducts on behalf of policyholders to detect vulnerabilities
  • How insurers are able to underwrite cyber risk using only a single piece of information
  • Reports available to prospective clients to help them understand their exposure
  • Why the current cyber market looks drastically different in 2022, and what we can expect in the months ahead