March 20th, 2023

Last December the UK government released details on planned legislation to be called ‘Martyn’s Law’, also known as Protect Duty. Named in tribute of Martyn Hett who was killed alongside 21 others in the 2017 Manchester Arena attack, this landmark legislation will require public venues to implement mitigation measures to protect against the threat of terrorism. Over 200,000 businesses could be affected. We are delighted that Figen Murray OBE, Martyn’s mother will be joining us at this session to discuss her campaign.

Pool Re’s Chief Underwriting Officer, Jonathan Gray and Head of Pool Re Solutions, Chris Medhurst-Cocksworth will provide an overview of the legislation, outlining the likely impact on the market and highlighting terrorism risk mitigation tools and resources available to brokers and policyholders.

By attending this presentation delegates should be able to:

  • Hear from Figen Murray OBE about her Campaign to change the law
  • Learn about the likely scope and requirements for compliance
  • Understand how the law might affect their clients’ insurance needs
  • Hear more about the terrorism risk mitigation tools and resources available to support clients