Young Broker Day Sessions

  • Ola Jacob Ola Jacob
    Insurance Risk Labs (IRL)
  • Florence Dennis Florence Dennis
  • Ben Macrow Ben Macrow
    Account Executive, Archenfield Insurance Management

Welcome to Young Broker Day – Meet & Greet


Your chance to meet this year’s Young Broker Day hosts and other young brokers.

  • Florence Dennis Florence Dennis
    Client Advisor at Partners&
  • Emma Rawlinson Emma Rawlinson
    CEO of Atlanta Group

Career Stories- How we got here


Hearing from leading professionals in the insurance industry and those climbing the ladder is a great way to take inspiration for your own career journey.

Emma Rawlinson is the CEO of Atlanta Group and started her career as a chartered accountant before moving into private equity. She has supported Atlanta’s significant growth to become one of the largest brokers in the UK insurance market. Emma is a spokesperson and role model for women in insurance and proudly leads a two-thirds female Executive board that drives innovation change and transformation.

Florence Dennis is Lead Client Advisor at Partners&, Chairwoman for the East Midlands BIBA Committee and Vice President and Next Generation Chair for CII Leicester. Florence won the BIBA Young Broker of the Year award 2022 and is involved in projects that attract new and young talent within the insurance profession.

By the end of this session, young brokers should be able to:

  • Appreciate what a career in the insurance industry can offer
  • Identify the next steps in climbing the ladder
  • Recognise the benefit of sharing collective experiences within the industry
  • Yasmin Carter-Esdale Yasmin Carter-Esdale
    Founder ELEV822 & Schemes Account Executive Hiscox
  • Sabine VanderLinden Sabine VanderLinden
    CEO Alchemy Crew
  • Ola Jacob Ola Jacob
    Insurtech Risk Labs (IRL)

Social media, presenting and more!


How do you see the future of social media in the workplace? Does TikTok have a place in the insurance industry? We are a people-orientated business built on networking and relationships, so how do you use social media alongside face-to-face networking to build your personal brand?

Our expert panel includes; Sabine VanderLinden, a corporate strategist turned entrepreneur and renowned within the industry for building tech startup accelerators; Yasmin Carter-Esdale, founder of Elev8 22 the insurance profession’s first development programme for creators and Schemes Account Executive at Hiscox; and Young Broker Day host Ola Jacob from Insurtech Risk Labs (IRL). They will each pick out some key discussion topics around data privacy online, how to create engaging content and possible future technology trends.

By the end of the session young brokers should be able to:

  • Identify and be able to put into practice effective and engaging social media use
  • Understand the integration of social media and presenting to develop your personal brand
  • Discuss the future of technology and importance of digital footprints
  • Dr Alex George Dr Alex George
    Television doctor, best-selling author and Youth Mental Health Ambassador to the Government.

Dr Alex George – why does good mental health matter?


Dr Alex George is a television doctor, best-selling author and Youth Mental Health Ambassador to the Government. He has become a well-known and respected figure amongst healthcare professionals in the UK and created a social media empire with over a million followers which he uses as a platform for positive change.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as his frontline duties, he took to social media to highlight the effects of lockdown and the resources available to young people struggling with mental health issues. He took on the role in the wake of his own personal tragedy after his brother died of suicide.

By the end of this session, young brokers should be able to:

  • Understand why good mental health matters physically as well as mentally
  • Appreciate the effect of resilience, courage and happiness on mental health
  • Be aware of how to spot and combat burnout

Exhibition tour


YBD Exhibition tour

Networking lunch in collaboration with ICAN and NGIN


iCAN is an influential, volunteer-run network which advises and supports multicultural inclusion and diversity within the insurance sector. Their goal is to promote multicultural awareness and drive engagement within the insurance industry to help the sector employ the best and brightest people from all walks of life and backgrounds and to promote a culture of inclusion.

The Next Generation Insurance Network (NGIN) empowers the next generation to shape the world they live in by providing professional development and networking opportunities through an annual programme of events. Based in the London Insurance Market, NGIN works closely with insurers, reinsurers, brokers, Lloyd’s, and other leading industry bodies to create a platform where ideas can be shared, relationships forged and careers supported. NGIN represents all those who consider themselves to be the next generation of leaders. There is no age limit to join and there is no specific insurance discipline required.

Young Broker of the Year Award and Closing Keynotes


The Young Broker of the Year Award recognises young brokers for their excellent performance and contribution to broking and aims to encourage commitment to the future professionalism of the insurance industry. Please read both the Entry Criteria and Award criteria sections before applying.

Young Broker of the Year