March 23rd, 2022

Hearing from leading professionals in the insurance industry and those climbing the ladder is a great way to take inspiration for your own career journey.

Emma Rawlinson is the CEO of Atlanta Group and started her career as a chartered accountant before moving into private equity. She has supported Atlanta’s significant growth to become one of the largest brokers in the UK insurance market. Emma is a spokesperson and role model for women in insurance and proudly leads a two-thirds female Executive board that drives innovation change and transformation.

Florence Dennis is Lead Client Advisor at Partners&, Chairwoman for the East Midlands BIBA Committee and Vice President and Next Generation Chair for CII Leicester. Florence won the BIBA Young Broker of the Year award 2022 and is involved in projects that attract new and young talent within the insurance profession.

By the end of this session, young brokers should be able to:

  • Appreciate what a career in the insurance industry can offer
  • Identify the next steps in climbing the ladder
  • Recognise the benefit of sharing collective experiences within the industry