Series 1: Episode 3 – Embracing Neuro-Diversity

In this episode Sarah chats to Johnny Timpson OBE, FRSA about the importance of employing a neuro-diverse workforce and supporting vulnerable customers alike. Johnny tells Sarah about his role in the Prime Minister’s Champion Group for Dementia Communities, and creating GAIN.
Sarah & Jonny
Key Takeaways
  • How to embrace a neuro-diverse workforce

  • How you can support vulnerable customers

  • Johnny’s mission to create a social prescribing a partnership for dementia and vulnerable customers

  • How your business can have a better social presence

Quotes of the Episode

“But here’s the thing, not only a one in seven of your Colleagues neurodivergent, one in seven of your customers are too. One of the biggest issues of neurodiversity is customer understanding and of course, improving customer understanding is one of the requirements of the new Consumer Duty. So it resonates. It was actually quite interesting when the regulator brought in new Consumer Duty that the regulator has specifically mentioned, neuro-diversity. They also mentioned neuro-diversity in the context of customer vulnerability. So it’s an issue that resonates with the regulator as well. In all fairness to BIBA they are a founding member and of supporter of GAIN. I’d ask each individual firm, come and join us at GAIN because if you look around your office, I can guarantee that you may well find a number of your colleagues and your divergent. They might be autistic, they may have ADHD, they may have dyspraxia and dyslexia or they are a combination of all these things. There are more of us out there than you might think it’s a good reason to engage with us.”  Johnny Timpson OBE

About the guests

Johnny Timpson OBE, FRSA, has over 40 years insurance and banking sector leadership and business development experience and is the principal of Johnny Timpson Consulting and Non-Executive Chair of specialist military insurance brokerage Absolute Military. He is additionally a Financial Inclusion Commissioner and member of the Financial Services Consumer Panel, the Prime Ministers Champion Group for Dementia Communities, the BIBA Access To Insurance Committee, the Building Resilient Households Group, and GAIN, the Group for Autism, Insurance, Investment and Neurodiversity).

Currently Johnny is an ambassador for the Surviving Economic Abuse charity, the GriefChat bereavement counselling service and the Invictus Games Scotland 2027 Bid plus a member of the Insurance institute of London Inclusion and Diversity Committee. Additionally, he also has advisory roles with the Vocational Rehabilitation Association UK, the University of Edinburgh Business School, University of Bristol Personal Finance Research Centre, and the Protection Distributors Group.

About the Host

Sarah Myerscough is the Sales and Marketing Director of Boston Tullis Group. The founder of The Insurance Brokers Podcast, she brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective on communication in the insurance sector. Boston Tullis works with insurance professionals to build effective communication both internally and externally through podcasting, event reporting, videography, and internal communications facilitation.


The BIBA Pod
The BIBA Pod
Series 1: Episode 3 – Embracing Neuro-Diversity
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