Series 1: Episode 6 – Personal challenges with Claire Russell

Sarah chats to Claire Russell about Rising to the Challenge in our personal lives. Claire shares her experiences including starting her own brokerage at 20 years old and what inspired her to start her business, ‘Mental Health in Business’.
Sarah & Claire
Key Takeaways
  • Claire’s personal challenges throughout her life, including a stroke, mental breakdown and losing a loved one through suicide.

  • Claire’s mission to help mental health in the workplace

  • Symptoms of poor mental health can vary from person to person

  • Everyone is resilient, it’s something you can strengthen but it’s always there


Quotes of the Episode

“So it was an interesting process of deciding what it actually was that I was going to do, because I’d done all of this training, I’d had my lived experiences of my mental breakdown, losing my partner to suicide, and everything around those experiences. I remember sitting there and thinking, right ok, it’s clear that I need to somehow find purpose in all of this. I’ve got over 20 years business ownership and leadership experience; I’ve got loads of connections, particularly in the insurance industry; I’ve got all of this training that I’ve done; I’ve got all of these lived experiences, how do I somehow bring those things together to benefit others? And what I realised was that, my own experiences had shown me that there was a real problem in terms of how mental health is addressed within the workplace.”  Claire Russell, Mental Health in Business

About the guests

Claire is the Founder & CEO of Mental Health in Business, her vision is to lead a global shift in mental health in the workplace. With her personal lived experience of mental ill health, and losing her partner to suicide in 2018; she is passionate about helping to effect change, break down taboos and open up the conversation about mental health. She is a (youth and adult) mental health first aid instructor, a suicide awareness and intervention trainer and creator of multiple mental health training programs.

Until early 2021 (alongside her work in mental health) Claire was an insurance broker for more than 25 years. She owned and ran insurance broking businesses for more than 20 years, so she understands well the challenges faced by business owners and leaders.

About the Host

Sarah Myerscough is the Sales and Marketing Director of Boston Tullis Group. The founder of The Insurance Brokers Podcast, she brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective on communication in the insurance sector. Boston Tullis works with insurance professionals to build effective communication both internally and externally through podcasting, event reporting, videography, and internal communications facilitation.


The BIBA Pod
The BIBA Pod
Series 1: Episode 6 – Personal challenges with Claire Russell
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