Series 1: Episode 8 – A reflection on #BIBA2023 & what’s to come

Sarah talks to BIBA’s Steve White, CEO, Graeme Trudgill, Executive Director and Emma Chapman, Head of Conference about The BIBA Conference 2023 including a record breaking 9000+ registered delegates.
Sarah, Graeme, Emma & Steve
Key Takeaways
  • A variety of highlights from #BIBA2023 from members of BIBA’s leadership team

  • A reflection on the Conference as a whole including the Seminars and Keynotes

  • BIBA have two new guides, one on ESG and one on the cost of living. We are also working towards the Tour of the Regions and the Protect Duty and Financial Services and Markets Bills.

  • Renaming the Young Broker of the Year Award in honour of the late Oliver Rose.

  • The BIBA Conference has been shortlisted for the Best Association Award at The Conference & Event Awards 2023.

Quotes of the Episode

“Back in 2016 the Young Broker of the Year Award was won by a young man called Oliver Rose, who worked for One Call insurance up in Doncaster really, really nice down to earth guy. No airs and graces about him just a lovely, lovely guy thoroughly worthy winner. Oliver unfortunately passed away in the spring and which we took the decision to rename the awarding Oliver’s memory, it was a suggestion both made by one of my colleagues internally and by our regional committee up in the Yorkshire area. That absolutely was the right thing to do and I think that was born out by how they experience of meeting Oliver’s mother and brothers went. To see Oliver’s mom be brave enough to get up on stage and keep her composure, and hand over the awards was just really, really touching.” Steve White, BIBA

“To spend some time with some Sir Mo Fara was a really special moment for me because I remember, you know, sitting on the sofa with the kids watching the 2016 Rio Olympics when he was in the 10,000 metres final. Halfway through, he fell over and everyone went off into the distance but he managed to get up, catch up and take the lead and win the gold. To talk to him about that in the session and after the session as well was really quite fantastic. To see that motivation doesn’t matter if you’ve had a knock or a really big knock, you can get up and you can win and there’s  so many life lessons to think about.” Graeme Trudgill, BIBA

“When I hear on the radio that everything is just starting and happening exactly as we planned and scheduled and when it all comes together. For me that’s a personal highlight. And it usually happens when I’m trying fight my way through the exhibition hall and I can just hear the throng of 9000 people doing business and networking and having a wonderful time.” Emma Chapman, BIBA

About the guests

Steve White

Steve was appointed Chief Executive in May 2013 and leads from the front in promoting, assisting, and understanding insurance brokers and their issues. He actively supports BIBA’s Young Broker Committee, guiding and advising the sector’s future leaders. He has spent more than 40 years in the insurance industry, working for the Orion Insurance Company, the General Insurance Standards Council and the Financial Services Authority, prior to joining BIBA in March 2004, as Head of Compliance & Training. Steve sits on the Directors’ Committee of BIPAR (the European Federation of Insurance Intermediaries) and the Executive Committee of WFII (the World Federation of Insurance Intermediaries). 

Graeme Trudgill

As executive director, Graeme is a member of BIBA’s main board and leads the BIBA policy team that incorporates corporate affairs, technical services and communications.  He is personally responsible for BIBA’s public affairs lobby with government, has provided written and oral evidence to the House of Commons and the House of Lords and is the author of the annual BIBA manifesto. Prior to joining BIBA Graeme was a general insurance broker between 1989 and 2001.

Emma Chapman

Emma Chapman joined BIBA as Head of Conference in June 2021 having previously worked as Event Manager for The Campaign Partnership as part of the team organising BIBA’s annual Conference & Exhibition.

Emma graduated from the University of Exeter with a BA in Drama and spent the next six years managing large-scale West End musicals and award shows. She has a wealth of experience in creating successful shows and is passionate about delivering a fantastic attendee experience.

About the Host

Sarah Myerscough is the Sales and Marketing Director of Boston Tullis Group. The founder of The Insurance Brokers Podcast, she brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective on communication in the insurance sector. Boston Tullis works with insurance professionals to build effective communication both internally and externally through podcasting, event reporting, videography, and internal communications facilitation.


The BIBA Pod
The BIBA Pod
Series 1: Episode 8 – A reflection on #BIBA2023 & what’s to come
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