Series 3: Episode 5 – What’s next for risk and compliance?

Sarah Myerscough chats to Leon Carford, Head of Risk and Compliance at Atlanta Group, he explains why risk and compliance need not be considered a hindrance to doing good business, and how a reframing of the way in which we understand them can bolster better decision-making.
Key Takeaways
  • Risk and compliance are key tools in your armoury for ensuring you are driving your business forward
  • As risk is ultimately about managing uncertainties, it can and should inform everything a business does at a strategic level
  • Risk should not be seen as a separate policing function, but an integral part of a business’ strategic decision-making
  • There is a direct positive bottom line profit impact if you have a diverse business
Quotes of the Episode

“I don’t see risk and compliance as a sort of business prevention function, I think it’s a real key part of being a good commercial business. In a competitive environment, you want to equip yourself with the best tools that you can to give yourself an advantage. Risk and compliance is really something that you should have in your toolkit. You should be sharpening the tools that you’ve got there… Risk isn’t really about risk registers, or heat maps. It’s about actually supporting the business to make really good and strong informed decisions. I think if we reframe risk slightly, it gives it that that real sense of importance and really helps to show why it’s important.”

“It’s really, really important that brokers involve risk and compliance early in projects. I can be working with finance, and then an hour later, I’m with ops. That holistic view really helps to support a project, so you’re not just thinking in that vertical of ‘what’s this product trying to deliver?’, but ‘what’s the knock-on effects on a in a wider sense?’”

About the guests

Based in Manchester, Leon Carford has worked in insurance for around ten years. He initially worked in various internal audit teams before joining the Ardonagh Group. He now works as Head of Risk and Compliance at the Atlanta Group, a subsidiary of Ardonagh Retail.

Leon’s LinkedIn Profile:

About the Host

Sarah Myerscough is the Chief Ideas Officer at Macaii, formerly Boston Tullis. She hosts/co-hosts several podcasts and is known for her knack in connecting with people. Sarah excels in bringing out the best for video, podcast, and live events, helping clients showcase the human side of their business.

Sarah is passionate about the evolving dynamics of the insurance industry and enjoys conversing with innovators, trailblazers, and long-term advocates of change.


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