Series 3: Episode 5 – What’s next for risk and compliance?

Sarah Myerscough chats to Leon Carford, Head of Risk and Compliance at Atlanta Group, he explains why risk and compliance need not be considered a hindrance to doing good business, and how a reframing of the way in which we understand them can bolster better decision-making.

Series 3: Episode 4 – What’s next for high net worth?

Sarah and Aaron

In this episode, Sarah discusses HNW with iPrism Underwriting’s Aaron Woodhams. He suggests that brokers should recommend that their high net-worth clients increase the valuations of their property from every 3-5 years to once every 1-3 to avoid any underinsurance-related losses. He also explains how iPrism remains committed supporting brokers.

Series 3: Episode 3 – What’s next for innovation?

In this episode, Sarah speaks with QBE Insurance’s David Jones about how innovation across an array of industries is creating emerging risks, and how as brokers we can equip our clients against them. For example, the motor and construction industries are both undergoing seismic shifts as they respond to the demands of sustainability and government climate pledges.

Series 3: Episode 2 – What’s next for motor?

Sarah and Adam

Sarah speaks with Ageas’ Adam Beckett about the rapidly changing motor insurance market. With the looming ban on the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2030, motor manufacturers are racing to expand the sale and accessibility of electric and hybrid vehicles. This presents both a significant challenge and opportunity to the broking market.

Series 3: Episode 1 – What’s next for AI?

Sarah, Eleanor and Joe

Sarah is joined by Eleanor Brodie, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, and Joe Lettween, Fortegra, to discuss how AI, machine learning and data science are changing the nature of the insurance industry by reorienting how we collect, interact with and deploy data.

Series 2: Episode 4 – Midlife Balance

Sarah Myerscough, Neil Jenkinson & Claire Russell

In this episode Sarah is joined by Claire Russell, Mental Health in Business (MHIB), and BIBA’s very own Neil Jenkinson, to discuss the everchanging hormones in our bodies. Together they share their personal experiences and what they are doing to help turn a ‘midlife crisis’ into a ‘midlife balance’. MHIB deliver menopause training and Claire is a part of the menopause experts group so is able to give an additional professional perspective. They also discuss what businesses can do to support employees during this time of their life.

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